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Le Querce

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Le Querce Daily is very much a family business. On March 2020 Antonello (chef of Le Querce restaurant for 16 years) and Stefano (Antonello's wife's cousin - Rosanna) decided to set up an Italian delicatessen and a caffetteria in a corner of Le Querce restaurant to provide an eat and cook at home range of dishes, homemade sandiwiches and pastries, awesome coffee plus an exclusive assortment of Italian products.

Antonello's treasured recipes will remind you of soul-warming Sundays at grandma's house. Assisted by Rosanna, who also bakes the delicious cakes and cookies served at Le Querce Daily, his speciality is to turn fresh, seasonal produce into the perfect pasta fillings.  

Stefano will greet you at the door and truly show you how we love to carry on our culinary traditions by guiding you through a daily selection of Italian and Sardinian regional dishes as well as the best cured meat and cheese from Italy, always sliced-to-order. 

68 Brockley Rise, London SE23 1LN, England UK  |   020 8690 3761   |

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Our range of fresh dishes to cook and eat at home plus our exclusive selection of Italian and local products.

Join us for breakfast, lunch, merenda and aperitivo! We serve homemade cakes, local hand-roasted coffee, Italian style panini, pasta and more... 

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Celebrate your special moments with our products. Build your personalised hamper, check out our selection of homemade pastries and more...

"Coming to Le Querce always makes me indescribably happy. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and the food is incredible. We now get fish and fresh pasta as a weekly treat and we look forward to that day all week. I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area!"

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